Customised handle design for your kitchen

Give your kitchen a touch of individuality and choose an exclusive handle design from one of the four handle collections. Miele has created new appliance handles for the Pure-Line design series. Unusual materials and exceptional workmanship turn every handle into a genuine work of art. Indulge yourself in this inspirational visual and tactile experience, where your personal taste is all that matters. You can choose among 4 handle designs - perfectly tailored to the PureLine design series in the CleanSteel stainless steel, Obsidian black, Brilliant white and Mink appliance colours. The new handle designs are offered as optional accessories for cookers, ovens, steam ovens, microwave ovens and warming drawers of generation 6000 built-in appliances. 
The Gold handle design exudes a touch of luxury. The matt surface and the warm golden hue create a special accent and provide timeless elegance. The appliances become true works of art in your kitchen. 
Genuine natural materials give the Nature handle design a character of its own. Depending on the appliance colour, premium wood or slate elements are embedded in the metal profile. 
The Vitro handle design is characterised by pure elegance with clean lines. The narrow glass strip in the respective front colour is surrounded by an eye-catching metal profile. 
The Classic handle design has a subtle and unobtrusive presence in the same colour as the appliance. 
Images serve as examples to illustrate the product benefit. Actual feature may vary per model.