How would you like your appliance to be installed?

Miele offers inspired appliances with particular highlights to keep food fresh, refrigerate it or store it, all under optimum conditions. From built-in to freestanding appliances to special refrigeration appliances – Miele appliances contribute to healthy and modern life.
Wine conditioners
If you would like your wine conditioning unit to be an eye-catcher in your kitchen or living room, then we recommend a freestanding appliance. Freestanding appliances can be placed anywhere. This offers the advantage that the appliance can be easily taken with you when moving and installed in your new home.
Built-in appliances
If you would like to integrate your wine conditioning unit into the design of your kitchen, then we recommend a built-in appliance. Built-in appliances can be fitted with your kitchen cabinet panelling so they fit perfectly into your kitchen design.
Built-under appliances
Built-under appliances can be installed under a worktop and offer plenty of space for your wine in small kitchens.
Images serve as examples to illustrate the product benefit. Actual feature may vary per model.