Saldo Test winner in Switzerland in 2010

Best result for Miele's ceramic glass and stainless steel cleaner. In the September 2010 issue of the Swiss consumer magazine "Saldo", Miele's ceramic glass and stainless steel cleaner was the test winner and was awarded a rating of "GOOD". For grease removal, in particular, the Miele cleaner was awarded the overall rating "VERY GOOD" by a clear – sometimes very clear – margin. And for ease of use when removing the cleaner itself, it was awarded "GOOD". The conclusion of the magazine: "Using a ceramic glass cleaner is worth it - as has been demonstrated by laboratory results, but not all cleaners are as good as each other". Milk, soup, oil splashes and salt solution: The test products had to deal with these kinds of dried and baked-in soiling. There were big differences in the cleaning performance. Only a few cleaners are able to remove all kinds of soiling equally well. The Miele stainless steel cleaner achieved the best results.
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