A wide range of accessories for steam ovens

The steam cooking containers from Miele are suitable for all Miele steam ovens*. The extra-large containers for the Miele steam combination ovens (DGC 65* - DGC 68*) ensure full use is made of the large cooking compartment in these appliances. Solid steam cooking containers are suitable for cooking food in sauces and stocks as well as food which swells in water, such as for example, pasta and rice. Large volume solid steam cooking containers are perfect for soups, stews and oven bakes. Perforated steam cooking containers are perfect for blanching or cooking vegetables, fish, meat and potatoes which are not cooked in a sauce or a stock. Perforated steam cooking containers are also ideal for defrosting. All Miele steam cooking containers are professional accessories made from 0.6 mm thick, surface treated stainless steel manufactured in Europe.
Images serve as examples to illustrate the product benefit. Actual feature may vary per model.