Steam, cook and reheat food in one appliance

Steam cook, bake & reheat in one appliance
Would you like your cooking appliances to handle as many methods of cooking as possible? Aside from the oven being the heart of every kitchen, there is often only room for one more cooking appliance. In many cases, the decision goes in favour of the microwave oven. It is impressive due to its defrosting and reheating speed and also offers a variety of options for daily kitchen activities: for instance, for heating up a quick cup of cocoa or milk, using the popcorn function to make a bag of popcorn for an evening watching TV, or making tasty jam in the shortest amount of time without fuss. Indispensable help for everyday life! However, for several years now, the use of steam cookers has become increasingly popular. Their strength lies in the convenient and gentle cooking of food such as fish or vegetables. Natural flavour and colour are fully preserved. The superb cooking results also make an important contribution to healthy nutrition. Miele is the first manufacturer able to combine the benefits of both appliance types in one with the built-in steam oven with microwave.
With this innovative and unique built-in appliance Miele offers the perfect solution for kitchens with only two housing niches. It is the perfect partner for your oven. If a 60 cm high niche is available, the 14 cm high Gourmet warming drawer in combination with the DGM 6800 is the ideal combination to go with your Miele built-in oven.
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