Save up to $1,400 on selected Miele ovens.

Save 10% on any Miele H 2000 B/BP or H 6000 B/BP series ovens.

Promotion details

Promotion effective 1 December 2016 to 31 January 2017. Strictly while stocks last. Excludes Speed Ovens, Microwave Ovens, Steam Ovens, Steam Combination Ovens and Pressure Steam Ovens. This offer only applies to new customer orders placed during promotional period. Does not apply to Project orders, damaged, display or run-out models.

H 2000 B/BP range includes: H 2260 B CleanSteel, H 2661 B CleanSteel, H 2661 B Brilliant White, H 2661 B Obsidian Black, H 2601 B CleanSteel, H 2661 BP CleanSteel

H 6000 B/BP range includes: H 6260 B CleanSteel, H 6267 B CleanSteel, H 6260 BP CleanSteel, H 6267 BP CleanSteel, H 6461 BP CleanSteel, H 6461 BP Brilliant White, H 6461 BP Obsidian Black, H 6461 BP Mink, H 6660 BP CleanSteel, H 6860 BP CleanSteel, H 6860 BP Brilliant White, H 6860 BP Obsidian Black, H 6860 BP Mink, H 6290 B CleanSteel, H 6890 BP CleanSteel

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