Save up to $300 on Miele G 6000 series dishwashers.

Save $200 on G6620SC, G6620SCU CLST, G6620SCi CLST, G6660 SCVi. Save $250 on G6722SCU CLST, G6727SCU XXL CLST, G6727SCi XXL OBSW, G6727SCi XXL CLST, G6767 SCVi XXL. Save $300 on G6827SCi XXL CLST, G6927SCi XXL CLST, G6897SCVi XXL K2O, G6999 SCVi XXL K2O.

Promotion details

Promotion effective 1 to 27 September 2018. Strictly while stocks last. 

Save $200 on G 6620 SC, G 6620 SCU CLST, G 6620 SCi CLST, G 6660 SCVi.
Save $250 on G 6722 SCU CLST, G 6727 SCU XXL CLST, G 6727 SCi XXL OBSW, G 6727 SCi XXL CLST, G 6767 SCVi XXL. 
Save $300 on G 6827 SCi XXL CLST, G 6927 SCi XXL CLST, G 6897 SCVi XXL K2O, G 6999 SCVi XXL K2O. 

Offer applies to new customer orders placed during promotional period. Does not apply to Project orders, Professional appliances, damaged, display or run-out models. WELS information available on

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