WA CWC 0901  L - WoolCare caps 9-pack wool and delicates detergent.--NO_COLOR
  • 9-pack wool and delicates detergent.--NO_COLOR

WA CWC 0901 L
WoolCare caps
9-pack wool and delicates detergent.

  • Special wheat-protein-based agents
  • Fibre-protection technology to help prevent pilling
  • Colour-protection formula for gentle cleaning
  • Dispensed exactly and easy to use
  • For 9 wash cycles in all Miele W1 washing machines

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WACWC 0901 L

Product benefits at a glance - WA CWC 0901 L

Cleaning performance

Perfect results

Perfect results every time

The specially developed formula for Miele washing machines gives reliable, perfect washing results.

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Efficiency and sustainability

Tips for sustainable washing

Tips for sustainable washing

Clean and sustainable: take advantage of these tips to get outstanding yet eco-friendly laundry results.

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Gentle laundry care

WoolCare - Fibre protection

For the most gentle treatment

No felting delicate woollen garments need to be washed very gently.

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WoolCare - special care complex

For all delicate items

WoolCare is a gentle detergent for delicates which is ideally suited to cleaning very delicate clothing.

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User convenience

Exclusive to Miele


The perfect addition for special applications

Convenient capsules: Dispense special detergents, fabric conditioners and additives using single use capsules.

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*GST inclusive
**GST inclusive
**GST inclusive