Make a better choice

April Sustainability Promotion

Make a better choice with quality that is built to last.

Not only are Miele ovens tested to the equivalent of 20 years average usage*, they also feature energy saving and sustainable solutions. Prevent overheating and excessive energy usage with electronic temperature control, achieve energy-efficiency with eco fan heat while achieving superior roasting and baking results and avoid the use of harsh chemicals with our PerfectClean enamel.

Care for your wallet, clothes and the environment.

Introducing the Miele TCE 630 - Australia’s only 10 star rated 8kg heat pump tumble dryer. This appliance features exclusive Miele technology such as EcoDry an automatic operating system that guarantees low energy consumption and drying times thanks to the Miele filter system and maintenance-free heat exchange. In addition, Perfect Dry technology provides perfect drying results thanks to mineral sensors, which record the calcium in the water to adjust the drying process to ensure laundry is dried thoroughly. Your most delicate garments are also protected, with our unique honeycomb drum structure that allows items to lift and hover longer in the warm air stream, resulting in more uniform drying. Air pockets form in each of the individual hexagons and cushion the fall of the laundry, ensuring clothes are protected and treated gently to ensure their longevity.

Save water and energy with Miele dishwasher innovation

Discover Miele’s exclusive AutoOpen drying innovation. This feature enables the dishwasher to open automatically at the end of a load, leaving a small gap to allow the hot, moist air to escape – completing the drying process perfectly and saving energy while doing so. 
In addition, save water with the innovative automatic programmes on Miele dishwashers, with no pre-rinsing required. The Sensor wash/Automatic programme uses as little as 6.5 litres* of water - significantly less than filling your kitchen sink.


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