DAR 1150 - Extractor unit for perfect combination with Freestanding Cookers.--Stainless steel
  • for perfect combination with Freestanding Cookers.--Stainless steel

DAR 1150
Extractor unit for perfect combination with Freestanding Cookers.

  • Customised kitchen design – fully integrated in 1,155mm
  • Perfect illumination – LED ClearView lighting

    LED ClearView lighting

    Environmentally friendly and long lasting: With up to 3 W they illuminate the cooktop evenly with a warm light.
  • Dishwasher-proof – 4 high-quality stainless steel grease filters

    Stainless steel baffle filter

    Convenient cleaning: The high-quality metal grease filters are dishwasher-proof and extremely durable.
  • Safe and easy to clean – Miele CleanCover

    Miele CleanCover

    Protection and easy cleaning: the smooth concealed surface prevents contact with electrical components and motor.
  • Temperature sensor – protects against overheating
  • Stainless steel
Price: $ 6,999.00**
** GST inclusive

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Included with product - DAR 1150

Non-return flap

Non-return flap

The non-return flap is supplied with the appliance and ensures that no hot or cold outside air can enter your kitchen via the rangehood. The component is installed directly on the exhaust connection above the fan for the rangehood and closes the opening between the kitchen and the ducting system leading outside.

Optional Accessories - DAR 1150

RBS 48 Niche panel
RBS 48Niche panel

for combining with a Rangehood and a Range Cooker/Range Top.

DMK 150-1 Wall box
DMK 150-1Wall box

for extraction.

GP MI X 0011 W Multi-purpose microfibre cloth, qty 1
GP MI X 0011 WMulti-purpose microfibre cloth, qty 1

For best cleaning results and safe use.

$ 13.95**Details

Internal fan

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*GST inclusive
**GST inclusive
**GST inclusive