Bonus 1 years’ supply

of Miele dishwasher tabs with selected dishwashers.*

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Promotion details

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Offer applies to applicable purchases made in Australia and New Zealand. Promotion effective for new customer orders placed for G 6620 SC BRWS, G 6620 SCU CLST, G 6722 SCU CLST, G 6727 SCU CLST XXL, G 6620 SCi CLST, G 6727 SCi XXL OBSW, G 6827 SCi XXL CLST, G 6927 SCi XXL CLST, G 6660 SCVi, G 6767 SCVi XXL, G 6897 SCVi XXL K2O, G 6999 SCVi XXL K2O, G 4720 SCi CLST, G 4720 SCU CLST dishwashers between 1st May and 31st October 2017, while stocks last.

Excludes Project orders, damaged or display models. Bonus only redeemable from with supplied vouchers.

Annual requirement calculated based on 5.7 wash-cycles a week (300 wash cycles per year). Initial supply of 1 x box of 20 Miele UltraTabs Multi is supplied with the outlined G 6000 dishwashers, and the subsequent 14 x boxes are to be redeemed online using the supplied voucher. Only one claim is permitted per product sold. Miele may refuse to accept return of an appliance(s) in the event that the customer has made a claim under this promotion (or proportion thereof).

How to redeem

Once you have purchased your new Miele dishwasher and taken delivery, you will be handed a years' supply of dishwasher tabs voucher. The voucher will contain a unique code to use on the Miele online shop. 

To redeem your year's supply of dishwasher UltraTrabs Multi, simply follow the below steps.

Click on the link and visit the Miele online shop REDEEM HERE
Click the 'Buy' button and add the product to your cart
Type in your unique voucher code in the 'Voucher / Promotion' code field and click 'Apply'
Simply follow the check out prompts.