Miele G 6000 Dishwashers - Knock for convenience, performance and sustainability

October 2014
Just two gentle knocks on the sleek exterior opens select models of the new Miele G 6000 Dishwashers. Equipped with remarkable technology, this innovative range delivers unparalleled performance and incredibly low consumption to save valuable time and resources.
Boasting 3.5 star energy and up to 5.5 star water efficiency ratings, Miele’s new G 6000 dishwasher range comprises a comprehensive choice of freestanding, built-under, integrated or fully integrated models in a variety of heights.
The sleek and linear design and elegant new interfaces of these extraordinary G 6000 dishwashers are especially designed to complement Miele’s Generation 6000 range of cooking appliances to achieve a harmonious total look, perfectly integrated into the kitchen.


The top-of-the-line G 6587SCVi XXL and G 6995 SCVi XXL fully integrated dishwashers are equipped with Miele’s exclusive star-feature, new Knock2open technology. Ideal to complement kitchen furniture designed without handles, these remarkable models open automatically using Miele’s motorised AutoOpen feature by simply gently knocking on the door twice.

The innovative Knock2open feature eliminates fingerprints on the front panel, as well as unintentional opening of the door. The 6587SCVi XXL and G 6995 SCVi XXL cleverly recognise knocks against the worktop or neighbouring cupboards as irrelevant signals.

While completely concealed behind cabinet panelling, the remaining cycle duration is still visible at a glance on the fully integrated models with new TimeControl, exclusive to Miele. Four LEDs illuminated on the underside of the worktop switch off individually at intervals of 20minutes, one hour before the end of the programme. The dishwasher door no longer needs to be opened while a programme is underway!

Within the interior, Miele G 6000 Dishwashers offer 14 or 15 place setting capacities and are equipped with revolutionary features to deliver unsurpassed loading and unloading convenience as well as perfect cleaning results.
Every model in the G 6000 range now features Miele’s ground-breaking 3D cutlery tray which is height and width adjustable to adapt to any load. This allows even the most awkward items such as whisks and soup ladles to be accommodated and thoroughly washed, while adjusting the side sections for the cutlery tray allows tall and delicate stemware to be held securely in the upper basket.

G 6000 dishwashers also feature an optimised MultiComfort lower basket design to ensure a secure hold of large plates or bulky items, as well as other convenient features such as a jumbo cup rack, height adjustable upper basket, glass rail, bottle holder plus ergonomic handles. For easy visibility, the internal cabinet of select models is also perfectly illuminated with four maintenance-free LEDs.

Furthermore, with Miele ComfortClose, G 6000 Dishwasher doors are extremely easy and elegant to open and close and can even stay open in any position. For added convenience, select models only require very slight pressure against the door to activate AutoClose, Miele’s exclusive automatic motorised door closing feature. While patented AutoOpen drying ensures everything is perfectly dry as Miele G 6000 dishwasher doors open automatically at the end of each programme.


Miele G 6000 Dishwashers offer a host of programmes to deliver thorough cleaning results for any item or level of soiling. Some of these include Light Soiling, Quick Wash, Intensive as well as speciality programmes such as Hygiene to eliminate bacteria, and Pasta/Paella for even the toughest baked-on residues.

To meet the needs of even the most delicate glassware, all Miele G 6000 dishwashers are equipped with Miele’s exclusive Perfect GlassCare. Endorsed by premium glassware specialist Riedel, this revolutionary feature delivers automatic water blending technology to ensure the exact amount of mineral content per programme and the gentlest wash. Valuable glassware is free of smears, water stains as well as breakages, and even after numerous cycles, looks as good as new.


Unbeatable when it comes to sustainability, Miele G 6000 Dishwashers are highly economical with a host functions to ensure minimum consumption and achieve incredible savings.

Miele G 6000 Dishwashers automatically measure the amount of crockery in the cabinet and adjust water and electricity consumption accordingly. Furthermore, with a commercial grade circulation pump which varies in speed depending on the wash programme,
G 6000 Dishwashers rely solely on fresh water and achieve consumption and water savings of up to 16%, using as little as 6.5L in the Automatic programme.

Most of these remarkable appliances can also be connected to hot water of up to 60˚C with Miele’s exclusive ThermoSave which achieves a reduction in electricity consumption by up to 40%, and running times by up to 9%. Furthermore, for sustainable homes with heated water supplied via solar-thermal panels, the revolutionary SolarSave programme allows users to achieve electricity consumption as low as 0.05 kWh per cycle.

Delivering further environmentally friendly innovation, with Miele FlexiTimer with EcoStart users can take advantage of cheaper off-peak electricity tariffs. The intelligent G 6000 dishwashers will start a programme at the most favourable time within the programmed time window. Users only need to determine the latest time the dishwasher must complete the cycle.

Users can even keep track of their consumption with Miele EcoFeedback which displays the estimated water and electricity consumption for each programme. This allows the selection of the most ecologically ideal programme while the actual consumption data can be viewed once the programme is complete.

In addition to incredible environmentally friendly features and outstanding performance, select Miele G 6000 dishwashers are incredibly easy to maintain with the Maintenance Programme that removes fat and residue inside the machine, and are also barely audible with sound emissions as low as 41 dB(a).

With the highest levels of energy efficiency, excellent cleaning and drying results and elegance, Miele’s new G 6000 Dishwashers are a delight to complete any kitchen. German engineered and tested to the equivalent of 20 years usage, they are available from Miele Chartered Agents with a list price from $1,699. Download as PDF
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Miele G 6000 dishwashers

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