Ready for use

Would you like to clean protective clothing and respiratory masks quickly and efficiently?
The Miele solution facilitates the economical reprocessing of protective clothing directly on site.

- In only 2.5 hours you can reprocess up to five complete protective suits.
- You are not dependent on the business hours of a launderette.
- Special programmes that are tailored to protective gear ensure a long service life.
Professional drying and activation
In addition to an optimum, gentle and safe drying process for the final drying of protective clothing, Miele's commercial dryers offer the required process parameters for "activating" the proofing agent. Aside from the application technology, the new commercial dryer series also displays absolute strengths when it comes to economy: When drying with the principle of longitudinal air flow, 60 % of the extracted air is returned to the drying cycle (air recycling). The electronic controls facilitate precise adjustment to all types of laundry in order to achieve quick drying and proper care of all fibres. A corresponding programme must be selected for drying protective clothing. Depending on the clothing structure, the inside (for systems that cannot be separated) is dried first to a specified residual moisture level. Subsequently, clothing is turned inside out and the outside is dried. The proofing agent is activated in the same work step.
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