When it's more than just domestic chores

As your family grows and the mountains of laundry and dishes become bigger, domestic machines soon reach their limits. This is where the Little Giants washing machines and the ProfiLine dishwashers from Miele offer the optimum solutions. With their professional technology, special programmes and particularly short cycle times they produce clean washing and sparkling dishes in next to no time.
Little Giants for mountains of laundry at home
Miele has produced and marketed Little Giants for 30 years. Powerful performance packed into a small size makes the Little Giants top performers.

The Little Giants are characterised by robust construction, economical wash technology, simple operation and a long service life. Specially strengthened components such as shock absorbers and seals allow thousands of operating hours.

For decades, Little Giants have met customer needs with their wide range of applications, low maintenance costs and adaptability.

The unique synthesis of commercial and domestic washing machines is a particular advantage for large families or domestic applications. Professional programme durations and washing machine construction are combined with the convenience, ease of use and programmes found in a domestic washing machine.
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