Sparkling results

Life in commercial kitchens is far removed from laid-back, relaxed cooking: In restaurants, full concentration and top physical form are required. Everything has to be done at the double. Used crockery and cutlery must not only be spotlessly cleaned but also ready for use again in next to no time. The Miele technology for commercial washer-extractors also works quickly and efficiently. Miele machines are powerful, economical and easy to operate. But at the same time they clean your washing and crockery particularly gently. Thus we guarantee you perfect results every time and an outstanding first impression for your guests.
Unique fresh water system
By changing the water between individual programme stages, the Miele fresh water system guarantees a consistently high cleaning quality throughout the entire period of operation, which no other system can.
Water processing – for perfect wash results
The composition of the water is crucial to the results when cleaning glasses and cutlery. Tap water is generally good quality, however the chemical composition varies.
Partial and complete demineralisation
Partial demineralisation:
With partial demineralisation, the particles that cause calcium deposits are removed. Ion exchange is used to reduce the salt content of the water. The result: Almost residue-free wash results.
Features dependent on model – Illustration(s) as an example, for information