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THE MIELE PROFESSIONAL COMPREHENSIVE SYSTEM FOR IN-HOUSE CROCKERY AND LAUNDRY CARE We will accompany you through each stage of planning a new-build or refurbishment project: from economic feasibility studies, to on-site planning, the integration of sub-contractors and even installation and maintenance.

Based on many years of experience, Miele Professional has developed washing machines and dishwashers with programmes that are able to reliably cope with critical soils and pathogens. This is confirmed by independent institutes such as the wfk – Institute for Applied Research, which regularly subjects our machines to scrutiny.


Central Laundry

Central Laundry

When it comes to caring for personal laundry and clothing, it's about much more than just cleanliness: many residents consider a meticulously ironed blouse or a freshly laundered pullover a sign of appreciation.

And yet items of clothing made from a wide range of materials are not the only challenge facing the laundry team. Each and every day there are piles of bedsheets, towels and cleaning textiles to contend with – even contaminated laundry is not a rare occurrence.

Miele Professional offers a range of dependable
and high-performance laundry machines to cater for individual requirements.
Thanks to numerous special programmes, these machines rise to the challenge of all types of textiles and stains.

Alongside frontloading models, barrier machines for installation
in a diaphragm wall are an ideal proposition for care and nursing homes:
loading and unloading on the unclean and clean sides
respectively, together with the use of the
disinfection programmes, guarantees the highest of hygiene standards as stipulated by the
Association for Applied Hygiene and the Robert Koch Institute.

Ironers, ironing stations and tables as well as finishers for outerwear neatly round off the range.

Central Cleaning

Contract Cleaning

Care and nursing homes have lots of visitors, with people coming and going all the time – which poses significant challenges each day for the facility management team.
With Miele Professional, the reception area, corridors and rooms are always a business's pride

All too easily, drinks are spilled, making floors a real slip hazard. This is where professionalism is called for. The MOPSTAR range of machines has been specially developed for facility management and is particularly suited to cleaning and reconditioning mops and cleaning cloths.

After the start of the programme, the textiles are first subjected to a patented dewatering process. This spin phase removes coarse soil and dirty water.

These machines then combine the washing and reconditioning processes, which involves applying disinfectant or cleaning agent in one single cycle. This saves valuable time and is a huge boon to the facility management team.



Central Dishwashing Room

Central Dishwashing Room

Clean crockery should be just as much a matter of course as starters being followed by a main course and a dessert. Miele Professional ensures a smooth cleaning process.

No matter how many persons you care for: at meal times, a convivial atmosphere is all part and parcel of ensuring residents feel comfortable. This includes sparkling plates, cups and glasses as well as immaculately laundered table linen.

The highest hygiene standards are non-negotiable in the institutional care sector – and not only in areas where numerous frail persons congregate. Even at peak times, everything runs smoothly with Miele Professional. Wherever large quantities of crockery need to be turned around in a very short space of time, a tank dishwasher is the system of choice.

With cycles that can be as fast as 55 seconds, crockery is ready for use again in next to no time. In combination with matching cleaning agents, perfect results are guaranteed – and all in that legendary Miele quality.

Local Tea Kitchen

Local Tea Kitchen

Decentral kitchenettes in care and nursing homes have a dual purpose: they ensure that meals are provided without a hitch and they are also places where residents like to meet and socialise. And thanks to Miele's comprehensive system and appliances, they are able to fulfil both these functions.

By installing professional dishwashers in your kitchenettes, you will always keep on top of the daily mountains of washing up created by your residents and make sure they always have access to clean crockery.
The appliances – often including ovens – have really simple controls, so they can even be used by the residents themselves.

What's more, residents can actively help out in the kitchenette, for instance by preparing vegetables or baking biscuits together.

Not only are meals made in the main kitchen served up onto individual plates here, but the kitchenette is also a space where small celebrations can be held and provides various opportunities for residents to get involved with little jobs.

Fresh water dishwashers that meet high standards of hygiene do great work here in ensuring loads are ready for use again quickly – a great feeling for both residents and staff.





It has long been part of Miele's corporate philosophy to develop and operate appliances in line with the principles of environmental protection.

First and foremost, Miele's sustainability strategy is based on values: integrity,
a sense of responsibility towards people and the environment, continuity and, last but not least, a sense of quality.

Miele engineers always bear in mind not only a product's functions, but also where it will be used. For example, the company has offered a tumble dryer that runs on a heat-pump as an alternative to the conventional electric heater for some time now. Other tumble dryers can be operated in a cost-effective and energy-saving way using the waste heat from a cogeneration unit or via district heating, allowing them to save up to 90 % of the energy consumed by standard appliances. Of course, the warm water needed in washing machines for the washing process can also be heated using the same method.

Laundry that has been thoroughly cleaned by sustainable means is not only a great advertisement for any home. It also helps to improve the wellbeing of residents in care and nursing facilities, plus a well-designed 360° system like this is good news for the environment too.

Self Service


Folding laundry, putting crockery into cupboards or simply making a cup of coffee: residents in sheltered housing always strive to do as much without assistance as possible – just like at home. And Miele is more than willing to support such self-sufficiency with user-friendly products.

Miele Professional accommodates this desire for autonomy: with washing machines, dishwashers and tumble dryers whose user-friendly touch displays
are an open invitation to get involved.

With the new Little Giants, Miele Professional has also developed a generation of machines designed to perfectly match the needs of smaller homes and groups. Thanks to their robust commercial-grade technology, they offer short cycles, requiring only 49 minutes for washing and a further 46 minutes for drying.
'Hygiene' model versions of the Little Giants feature a newly developed
set of controls with a text display in multiple languages. The rotary control provides for maximum operating safety, plus washing machines and tumble dryers can be equipped with payment systems. So residents in sheltered housing can still play an active part in doing their own laundry, should they so wish.



 Desinfektion via Steckbeckenspüler


Clean solutions – thanks to 90 years of experience in the field of laundry technology

Miele Professional caters for the special requirements of care and nursing homes – because we are intimately familiar with everyday cleaning and care processes.

Sick residents and those requiring care need plenty of support and attention. Miele Professional for reliable hygiene.

Don't give pathogens a chance: this should be the motto in care and nursing homes just as much as in hospitals. For critical applications with respect to hygiene, Miele Professional has developed safe and reliable laundry hygiene programmes for thermal and chemo-thermal disinfection. These prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria, protecting not only residents but also healthcare staff.