HyClean: Precisely What Your Vacuum Cleaner Needs

Vacuum Cleaner Bags & Filters

Only original Miele vacuum cleaner bags and filters offer the same high quality as our appliances, ensure perfect compatibility, and allow you to maintain their outstanding performance. Experience the benefits of dust-free and clean air, so you can breathe freely.

Vacuum Cleaner Bag & Filter Promotion

Vacuum Cleaner Bag & Filter Promotion

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Maintain Peak Performance

Outstanding results are achieved when Miele vacuum cleaners are fitted with our original vacuum cleaner bags and filters, important for anyone that suffers from allergies or simply enjoys breathing freely in cleaner air.

Optimised Capacity

More Efficient And Longer-lasting

The clever 3D folding design of the HyClean vacuum cleaner bag lets it fold out completely and most efficiently as soon as there is airflow, with innovative airflow converters moving dust to every corner to optimise capacity.



Hygienically Replaced, At The Right Time

Thanks to its automatic bag closure system, no dust or dirt can escape when replacing your vacuum cleaner bag. An integrated bag change indicator on the top of the vacuum cleaner​ lets you know when the vacuum cleaner bag is full, for a truly hygienic and sustainable experience.

Superior Filtration

Benefit From Clean Exhaust Air

Miele’s AirClean filter system – a synergy between vacuum cleaner bag, motor protection filter, and exhaust filter – capture more than 99.9%1 of fine dust particles, so you can breathe freely.



Cleaner Air, With Miele Vacuum Cleaner Bags & Filters

Benefitting from cleaner air than before vacuuming - with that all important 99.9%1 of fine dust being captured - is a team effort, achieved by the vacuum cleaner bag, air filter, and motor protection filter working together in unison.

Filter Types

Breathe Freely

The HEPA filter2 removes even the finest dust particles and airborne allergens, invaluable for allergy sufferers. Additionally, the Active AirClean filter is great for pet owners or smokers, featuring active charcoal for neutralising unpleasant odours.


Know When Filters Needs Replacing

Miele AirClean filters are equipped with a TimeStrip® indicator that slowly changes colour as the filter becomes more saturated, ensuring perfect cleaning performance and saving you money by never discarding a filter before it’s full.

Find The Right Filter For Your Vacuum

If you keep the model name of your vacuum cleaner handy, we will help you find the right filter.

AirClean Filter 50

AirClean Filter 50 filters are suitable for our vacuum cleaners: Complete C2, C3, Compact C1 and C2.

AirClean Filter 30

AirClean Filter 30 filters are suitable for our vacuum cleaners: Classic C1, Complete C1 and Dynamic U1.

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1According to IEC 62885-2 in the latest appliances from 2018 onwards when using these filters​
2in accordance with EN1822:2019​