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Creative cooking with coffee

There’s nothing quite like the aroma of freshly roasted coffee. From drip filtered and French pressed, to the modern home espresso machines, the way we drink coffee has come a long way in a short time.

However, coffee doesn’t always have to belong in your morning mug. It can be used to bring sweet and savoury recipes alive, adding a unique and vibrant mood to your next dinner party.

“Coffee has always been there in cooking, occasionally as the hero of the dish, or sometimes in more of a supporting role adding nuance and body,” says Daniel Adams, Home Economist, Miele.

Mr. Adams says there are plenty of creative ways to incorporate coffee into cooking and has the following recipe ideas.

Coffee in sweet treats

Using coffee in a sweet dish is all about balancing the flavours, according to Mr. Adams.

“Chocolate and vanilla go well with the rich bittersweet flavour of coffee, which makes it perfect for puddings, cakes and custards.

“Or a little shot of coffee in a sticky date pudding batter contrasts the sweetness of the dates and adds a mature undertone,” he added.

When it comes to the best recipes, Miele’s chocolate and coffee budino with caramel sauce is a favourite for Mr. Adams.

“This recipe is fantastic to use because the Miele Steam Oven is so gentle and consistent that the full flavour of the coffee is maintained, allowing it to compliment the chocolate beautifully.

“The best thing is that this dessert can be made in advance and just sit in the fridge until needed, perfect for entertaining,” he added.

Mr. Adams also recommends a shot of coffee poured over the top of homemade custard as a simple indulgence.

“If you prepare the custard in small jars they can be served individually with the fresh shot of coffee poured on top along with crumbled biscuit crumbs.”

For cooking connoisseurs who are passionate about food and hungry to learn more, Miele hosts specialised MasterClasses throughout the year, where Miele’s Home Economists present recipes created by Maggie Beer and Shannon Bennett that are designed specifically for Miele appliances.

Miele offers complimentary cooking classes at eight Miele Experience Centres across Australia and New Zealand. They are located at Knoxfield, Victoria; South Melbourne, Victoria, Frenchs Forest, Sydney, NSW; Hilton, South Australia; Eagle Farm, Queensland; Southport, Queensland; Claremont, Western Australia; Auckland, New Zealand.

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