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One touch gastronomy - technology at your fingertips

You can now cook the perfect stack of pancakes at home by using the one-touch, intelligent temperature sensor and timer technology on selected Miele induction cooktops.

Each pancake will be cooked perfectly – consistent in colour and texture on both sides – with just one touch using TempControl technology that provides a fast, even heat all over the pan.

It’s possible to achieve improved cooking results with much less effort across a range of dishes using TempControl, as Miele’s Culinary Expert Loughlin Hunter explains further.

Achieve perfect results with less effort using TempControl and timer

Miele’s Home Economist Loughlin Hunter says that TempControl sensors keep the pan and the contents of your pot at a consistent temperature so there’s no risk of overcooking or burning food.

“The TempControl simmer setting maintains your sauce at a consistent temperature – so it will never boil. In contrast, preparing sauce on a conventional cooktop requires you to reduce the heat as the food starts to overheat. As I do quite a bit of deep frying, it’s safer than gas as it maintains the oil at the required temperature,” Mr Hunter says.

Miele’s PowerSelect function enables you to set the exact temperature and cooking duration to achieve perfect results with minimal supervision.

Favourite foods to cook using TempControl

There are three TempControl ranges purposely designed for certain foods. The lowest range is excellent for frying eggs, simmering sauces and reducing liquids.

Simply crack the egg into the pan, set the timer and you can practically walk away and it’s done. No more guesswork to determine whether the yolk and egg white are fully cooked. The medium TempControl range is ideal for sautéing prawns whilst the highest range suits pan searing and wok cooking.

Mr Hunter says, “My favourite foods to cook with TempControl are stir fries, pancakes, frying eggs and searing foods like meat and seafood. “Cooking is enjoyable because the even heat produces perfect results consistently.”