What sets Miele apart - our customers share

Jane Wilson, a psychologist from Sandy Bay in Hobart, owned her Miele washing machine for almost 40 years before it had to be replaced earlier this year.

“The washing results were fantastic even after all those years,” Jane said.

"I am a lover of fine clothes and own a lot of linen and cashmere. I would throw all my clothes into my Miele washing machine on a delicate cycle and never had a problem. Perfect results every time. I didn’t hand wash anything," Jane added.

Jane not only owns a Miele washing machine, but also a 33-year-old Miele dryer, a 12- year old refrigerator and a Miele dishwasher bought in 2012.

"Miele is a gutsy and well-designed brand. Unfortunately, today, we are a society that throws things away and this concerns me. I try to live carefully, not waste money and buy things that are going to last and not turn into landfill. Miele fits that," she said.

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