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At home in the world

"Miele is at home in the world – and the world at home at Miele!"
(Dr. Axel Kniehl, Executive Director Marketing and Sales)


An international presence is just as a given here at Miele as the highest possible quality. For us, it goes far beyond the operational cooperation with our production and sales locations. The diversity of nationalities and cultures as well as the unlimited networking of our employees creates something very special every day: a global Miele culture that enriches all of us in terms of insights and experiences.


8,800 of our 20,100 employees work in Miele subsidiaries and plants outside of Germany. For most of the Miele employees, it is already a matter of course to work as a team in cross-country projects and virtual team structures. Colleagues from various countries work closely together in a network, designing the future via digital platforms, doing all they can to enable Miele to grow further. Miele: At home in the world.


“Immer besser” / “Forever better”: These two words are what characterise Miele as both a promise to the customer as well as an incentive for employees. In practice, this means that Miele has the aspiration to improve their products and services continuously and to do everything possible to be better than the competitors in all aspects including innovation.


Miele commenced operation in Australia in 1980 and in New Zealand in 2008. As a subsidiary, Miele Australia and New Zealand have over 500 employees and continue to strive for growth and success in the market.

Sales Subsidiaries

Apart from Miele Germany as an independent sales subsidiary, Miele is represented in 50 countries/regions all over the world by its own sales subsidiaries.

Production plants

Miele has production plants at 8 locations in Germany. 4 more plants are operated outside Germany.

Gütersloh | Arnsberg | Bielefeld | Bünde | Euskirchen | Lehrte | Oelde | Warendorf |

Braşov (Romania) | Bürmoos (Austria) | Dongguan (China) | Uničov (Czech Republic)

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