At Miele, our commitment to excellence isn't limited to our products -it extends to our people. We're invested in developing exceptional careers. Your personal growth is intrinsically linked with our constant drive for improvement. As we strive for better, you'll evolve too, propelling both your success and Miele's.

Miele has been a family-owned organisation for over a century with a commitment to creating a positive environment for our people in order to develop and grow together.

We pride ourselves in creating a culture that demonstrates the following values:


Empowering Excellence

We pride ourselves in fostering a culture that is excellence-driven, your potential is nurtured, your resilience is valued, and your adaptability is fostered.


Be Heard and Valued

Thrive in our supportive, caring, and inclusive workspace where your voice matters and your contributions make a difference. Experience the camaraderie and mutual respect that elevates your work life journey.


Balance It Right

Benefit from our commitment to work-life balance. At Miele, we support your professional growth while respecting your personal needs and commitments. 


Feel a Sense of Pride

Experience the satisfaction of being a part of a globally acclaimed brand, celebrated for its commitment to quality and continuous improvement. With Miele, better really does start here. Living and passing on our Miele values, as well as working in teams to further develop our innovative products, are important parts of our Miele culture at each of our 50 locations.

Miele ANZ Employee Statements

"I joined Miele Australia 15 years ago as the National Warehouse and Distribution Manager.  It was very exciting to come to a company that had distribution centres in 5 different cities rather than just one.  My first task was to bring the teams together, set up some standardisation to the operation and seek that next step up.  I had a very strong team to support me and we made some very significant changes to how we did business from a distribution and warehousing point of view. A few years down the track I took on the role of Head of Logistics and now had the Planning Department as part of my team.  This brought together the entire Supply Chain process into the one department.  The opportunity then came up to move across as the Head of Technical Management, where I have been for the past 5 years.  A significant change of pace to my days in Logistics, but a very rewarding area to be in.  Once again, I have been supported by a very strong team where we have made some significant progress in areas such as Tech Training, Tech Support, Compliance and Continuous Improvement, always focusing on what is best for our customers.  Throw in a little bit of soccer at the end of the workday and you have the dream job!"
- Fernando Monge, Leader of Technical Management

"I joined Miele some 16 years ago as a Consultant in the Contact Centre and I immediately felt very supported and part of the Miele family.  My time here has helped me obtain further skills which have led to opportunities such as becoming a Team Leader for a few years to my role today as a Customer Resolutions Manager. The team I work with are very committed and hardworking, however we do also find time to have some fun along the way. I’ve enjoyed being part of projects, collaborating with various areas of the business which has resulted in great improvement initiatives. I am very proud to be working for a company with such diversity, who believes in delighting our customers where we can, and who genuinely cares about their employees."
– Joanne Morgan, Customer Resolutions Manager

Miele ANZ Employee Statements

"For the last 5 years I have been a field service technician for Miele in Melbourne’s CBD.  My goal on each job is to try and fix each appliance on the first visit and in a timely manner whilst giving the customer an experience that will lead them to want to return to Miele over and over. In my role I always need to have communication with other departments and there is always support and help as everyone who works for Miele has the same goal to give the customer an experience and satisfaction they cant get any where else. During this time I have gotten to know different areas of the business and made lasting friendships. I really enjoy representing the brand of Miele and am looking forward to see what the next years have in store."
– Morgan Paff, Service Technician

"The apprenticeship experience at Miele has been great. At every step of the way, from onboarding to day-to-day tasks, there is always support and opportunities to learn something new or develop new skills." 
– Ryan Hutchings, 3rd-Year Apprentice, NSW
"I have worked for Miele for 4 and half years, starting as an apprentice in the Workshop and working my way into the service technician role after 1 and a half years.  On the road we do our best to provide our customers with exceptional service so they can always have full confidence in our amazing products post sale. It has been an awesome few years and very excited to see the business grow and develop over the next couple of decades!"
– Jonathan Tommasoni, Business Development Manager

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