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Quick and efficient: how fast food restaurants benefit from the Miele system concept

Whether serving burgers, pizza or sandwiches, the service staff in fast food restaurants need to process orders in next to no time while meeting individual customer requirements and guaranteeing hygiene. Everything needs to work smoothly – including when cleaning crockery and textiles. As well as speed, robust and reliable commercial technology guarantees disruption-free operation. With laundry machines and dishwashers from Miele Professional, restaurant owners are making the right choice for efficient working processes, ensuring hygiene and cleanliness and reducing their operating costs thanks to programmes that conserve resources.

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The Miele Professional concept for fast food restaurants

Efficient dishwashing with dishwashers from Miele Professional

More efficiency: clean load items in next to no time – hygienically and with no residue


Achieve first-class cleaning results for cutlery, crockery and glasses at the shortest possible programme running times with customisable dishwashing systems

Laundry care in system catering

Optimise working processes and clean everyday laundry during operations – with commercial machines from Miele Professional

Central contract cleaning

Make sure your floors and surfaces are hygienically clean – with the special Mop Star washing machines for cleaning textiles

A waiter brings some burgers to a table. He is wearing a mask.

Simply safe: Hygiene in hotels and restaurants

Cleanliness is the watchword in the hotel and restaurant trade. Hygiene and cleanliness are paramount when it comes to laundry and crockery. Hygienic reprocessing helps avoid and prevent infections.

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Fast food restaurants rely on speed, hygiene and robustness. Find the right products and solutions for your individual requirements in system catering.

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Do you want to optimise your working processes to ensure perfect cleaning results for your business? We offer the right system solutions, from washing machines to dishwashers.

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