Hygienic reprocessing of laundry outside the healthcare sector

Hygienic laundry care

The hygienic cleaning and care of textiles is not only of paramount importance in the healthcare sector. Wherever, for example, bed linen and towels are issued to different users each day, hygienic harmlessness is a quality feature and reduces the risk of contracting diseases from viruses and bacteria.

Manual cleaning versus machine reprocessing of laboratory glassware and utensils

Machine reprocessing: an investment that pays off

Manual cleaning versus machine reprocessing

A laboratory glasswasher makes reprocessing in a laboratory much safer, less prone to mistakes and hence more reliable. In all, this makes work in labs far simpler.

Close-up of a shiny clean crockery stack with glasses in the background

When crockery discolours

Do you know this too? Stubborn discolourations that are still visible even at the end of a wash cycle. Here you can find out all you need to know about discolouration of your dishes.