Scenario 2

Lancray residential home

Subject to residents needs, Lancray provide a variety of care services within their new privately-run 60 bed aged care facility. The premises have been purpose-built with a focus on promoting independent living for more able residents and temporary occupants in recovery. The facility is designed with smaller living units of 7-15 residents, centralized around a break-out kitchen. The staff and residents are encouraged to contribute to domestic duties, simulating a home-like environment and lifestyle. In addition, many residents bring their own bedding and soft furnishings in order to personalize their rooms.

All laundry is washed as part of the central laundry system by care workers, with flexibility to wash single items such as residents delicate garments.
The break-out kitchens require simple and easy-to-operate dishwashers that look and feel like domestic appliances, but machines that can achieve high temperatures, meeting hygiene standards.

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