Aged Care Insights

We’ve helped aged care providers across the country improve their laundry processes and we’ve compiled this knowledge into care cards. Each care card depicts a different type of care home, the challenges they face and a recommended laundry solution.
See which scenario is closest to your needs.

Scenario 1

Buckling Care with 30 beds

Buckling Care is a not-for profit residential aged care facility providing a variety of care services for 30 residents. An individual approach to residents ensures they have the freedom to choose how they live each day.

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Scenario 2

Lancray Care with 60 beds

Subject to residents needs, Lancray provide a variety of care services within their new privately-run 60 bed aged care facility. The premises have been purpose-built with a focus on promoting independent living for more able residents and temporary occupants in recovery.

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Scenario 3

Hale Heights with 120 beds

Following an assessment that uncovered potential hygiene risks, Hale Heights, home to 120 residents specialising in nursing care, was looking to replace its outdated laundry equipment and explore best practice solutions for infection control.

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