Behind the Miele Brand

As the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial laundry and dishwashing appliances, we pride ourselves on ensuring that we deliver quality from start to finish and beyond. Whether that’s at a product design level or as part of our testing procedures - Immer besser or forever better is what drives us.

Quality doesn’t stop at our products. We also work through a network of partners to deliver sales and after sales service. Our partner selection process is rigorous and it’s crucial that they share Miele’s goal of building long-term customer relationships.

We wanted to show you what goes on behind the Miele brand. How we ensure quality at every step of the production process, how we work with partners to deliver high quality service, and how we use customer feedback to continue to improve our products. Here you’ll find interviews with the product team and partners, insights from our quality research, and hopefully gain an understanding of what drives us to being better.

Behind the scenes of product development

Juergen Schaefer heads up the product management team for Miele’s professional laundry division. Located at head office in Gutersloh, Germany, Jurgen is responsible for driving and delivering product innovation that meets and exceeds customers’ needs and demands. So how does he do it? We had the opportunity to meet him and ask – here’s what we found out.

Juergen Schaefer, Miele Product Marketing Manager