Sector Brochures

Office Sector Brochure

A range of reliable and cost effective dishwashing machines for offices of all sizes.

Healthcare Sector Brochure

A range of reliable and cost effective dishwashers and laundry machines for care environments.

Hotel Sector Brochure

Laundry and dishwashing solutions for hotels.


Commercial laundry brochures

Little Giants Overview

Compact washing machines and tumble dryers for commercial use

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Laundry Overview Brochure
Laundry Product Overview

Commercial washing machines, tumble dryers and flatwork ironers overview

Commercial washing machines overview brochure
Washing Machines Overview

Commercial washing machines with load capacities of 6.5 to 32 kg

Washer-extractors brochure
Benchmark Machines

Commercial washing machines offering load capacities of 11-20kg

Commercial tumble dryer brochure
DryPlus - PT8000 tumble dryers

Commercial tumble dryers for load capacities from 10 to 40 kg

Barrier washer brochures
The PW6163, PW6243, PW6323 Barrier Machines

The 160 to 320 litre barrier machines for use in hygienically critical areas

Flatwork ironers brochure
The PM12 flatwork ironers

Best ergonomics, simple operation, perfect laundry finish with Miele's commercial flatwork ironers

Wet-cleaning brochure

The genuine WetCare wet-cleaning system from Miele

Mop washing brochure
PW 5064 Mop Washer

The PW 5064 Little Giant mop washer


Commercial dishwashing brochures

Commercial dishwasher overview brochure
Professional Dishwasher Range Overview

Commercial dishwashers
for outstanding performance and
spotless results

Commercial freshwater dishwasher brochure
PG8059 Freshwater Dishwasher

A sparkling performance and
uncompromising hygiene

Office dishwasher brochure
ProfiLine Dishwashers

Fast, powerful, convenient - Miele's NEW commercial dishwashers with short cycle times

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PTD Tank Dishwashers

Top-class cleaning results combined with shortest cycles

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Laboratory brochures

PG8504 lab washer brochure
PG8504 Lab Washer

Analytical-grade reprocessing of
laboratory glassware with Miele's lab washer

Lab washer overview brochure
PG 8583, PG 8593, PG 8583 CD Lab Washers & EasyLoad Accessories

Perfect analytical-grade reprocessing
of laboratory glassware

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