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Q&A with W Hotel in London

Marlies Doornkamp is the Style Manager for disruptive luxurious W Hotel in London. With an extensive background in the hospitality industry, Marlies is responsible for the hotel’s housekeeping operations. We caught up with her to find out more about her day-to-day responsibilities and how crucial the housekeeping role is to the guest experience.

Interview with Marlies Doornkamp

Secrets to the perfect hotel stay revealed!

What do hotel guests rate as important factors for a good stay and what do hotel workers feel will make their work lives easier? We surveyed hotels to find out.

Research results

Six steps to taking laundry in-house

If you’re thinking of setting-up, renewing or expanding your laundry in-house, these simple steps will help you to make sure the whole process is watertight!

Six steps to taking laundry in-house

Candacraig House goes on-premise

When Candacraig House wanted to bring their laundry in-house, it was concerned about where the laundry would go as space was limited.
By utilising a small area in the cellar it was able to bring everything on-premise, reducing costs and increasing sustainability for the business.

Watch video Candacraig House