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Undercounter tank dishwashers

Handle all the dishes with just one touch

Discover the new undercounter tank dishwashers with their intuitive full touch display for optimum user convenience and flexibility – combined with top-class efficiency and economy.

Discover MielePTD dishwashers

User benefits

Excellent user convenience

They are operated similar to a smartphone, making them exceptionally easy to use. On a day-to-day basis, they are convenient to use as they are operated with just one button. The colour countdown display provides you with information on the machine's current status and programme sequence. If necessary, you can access additional information and alter settings via the display. The display is even easy to operate when wearing gloves.

Economical and efficient

Compared with the previous series, the new undercounter tank dishwashers save between 15% and 25% water. This conservation of resources is achieved using an innovative, streamlined spray arm with improved final rinse nozzles. At the same time, this reduces energy and chemical consumption and has a positive effect on the dishwasher's operating costs. 

Perfect dishwashing results in every situation

The new tank dishwashers from Miele Professional feature specific programmes for all load types and degrees of soiling. All key parameters (e.g. cycle duration, temperature and spray pressure) are carefully set ex works but can be adjusted for customer specific needs. This ensures delicate champagne flutes are just as reliably and gently cleaned as plates with dried-on food residue.

Sparkling results in any environment

Perfect water quality is a key to sparkling glasses and shiny cutlery. The built-in reverse-osmosis module ensures this level of quality and provides the perfect solution when space is at a premium, as is the case with behind-the-bar undercounter installations. The system is fully integrated into machine processes. This enables easy operation and an efficient solution that supplies the perfect water quality at all times.


The right solution for every requirement

No matter what the trade or line of business – anyone needing to rely in workaday life on spotless crockery and sparkling glassware combined with the high-level protection of loads needs a powerful system for fast and immaculate results.

Miele PTD

Restaurants and bars

Sparkling glasses are the best reference for any restaurant and contribute in a major way to making guests feel at home and return for a second visit.

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Miele PTD

Catering and canteens

Clean crockery gently washed at the flick of a wrist, even during rush hours – thanks to particularly fast programmes.

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Miele PTD

Small businesses

Whether baker, butcher or café – Miele tank dishwashers with an extra deep chamber are ideal for washing bulky items such as trays and crates.

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Miele PTD


Intuitive use and short cycles on Miele tank dishwashers meet the needs of guesthouses head-on.

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Product overview

PTD 702 – The bistro washer

The PTD 702 is a multi-purpose machine - ideal for cleaning glasses, plates and other load items. Given the reduced height of this model, it can be used as an undercounter machine, for example behind a bar. The shortest cycle runs for only 55 seconds and the maximum throughput is 3,234 glasses or 882 plates per hour.

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PTD 703 – The all-rounder

The PTD 703 is an all-rounder and rises to the challenge of washing lots of crockery in the shortest of times. This model impresses by virtue of its load-specific cycles and excellent cleaning results on crockery, pots and pans, glasses and cutlery. The shortest cycle runs for only 55 seconds and the maximum throughput is 1,188 plates per hour.

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Accessories &
Process chemicals

Accessories for perfect dishwashing

The exceptionally broad range of baskets and inserts enables loads of all types to be reliably cleaned and positioned within the range of the water jets. Accessories providing uncomplicated water treatment also contribute to perfect cleaning results whilst various plinths facilitate the seamless integration into existing work processes.

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