Hygiene measures to prevent the spread of viral infections

In the battle against the spread of viral diseases, special measures, in particular in sensitive areas such as care and nursing homes, hospitals and surgeries, are vital. There, in particular, maintaining the best possible standards of hygiene must be given top priority to afford the highest degree of protection to residents, patients and healthcare workers alike. With your Miele Professional machines, you are on the safe side as these products were specifically designed, built and tested to meet the highest of hygiene requirements.

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Free detergents from Ecolab

for Miele's PG85 lab washers

In conjunction with our detergent partner Ecolab we supply the initial bottles of chemicals for your equipment at no charge when purchasing one of Miele's PG85 lab washers with liquid dosing. The detergents will be carefully chosen and perfectly customised to the wash requirements of your specialised processes.