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Miele vacuum cleaners' quality tests

Getestet auf 20 Jahre Lebensdauer*

No daily routine can be as tough as a Miele product test: Before Miele vacuum cleaners go into production they must withstand extreme stress in our test laboratory.

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with average usage of 45 minutes per week with maximum suction power
Miele vacuum cleaner test wins

More than 60 test wins worldwide

Miele appliances demonstrate their high quality and reliability not just during our strict internal quality inspections; Miele appliances also regularly receive excellent reviews in independent product tests. Since 2003 alone, Miele vacuum cleaners have been voted test winners more than 60 times in consumer tests.

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Miele vacuum cleaner hygiene

Cleanliness for your comfort

Clean exhaust air is a matter of fact for Miele. Our vacuum cleaners are not only characterised by good filtration, but their housing is sealed in such a way that not a single speck of dust can escape. Therefore, only clean exhaust air is returned to the room.

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