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In preparation for your application to one of the exciting opportunities we have on offer, we strongly encourage all candidates to get affiliated with how the recruitment process works here at Miele.


What is the recruitment process at Miele?


Our recruitment process can vary as each role and its requirements can greatly differ to the next. 

Your submitted application will be reviewed by a member of our Human Resources team, and if they believe you have the right skills to be a part of the Miele team, you will be selected for a telephone interview. 

These telephone interviews are usually conducted by either the reviewing member of the Human Resources team or the Direct Manager to the role and will be a great opportunity for yourself to share more about your experiences, skillset and personality.


How do I apply for a position with Miele?


All of our vacant positions are listed on the Miele Careers page and can be viewed at any time by using the ‘browse current opportunities’ link.

The vacant positions on offer can change on a constant basis so we welcome all potential candidates to review the Careers page regularly for any updates.

Once you have found the role that interests you, follow the links and submit your application.


What do we look for in a candidate?


Here at Miele, we seek dedicated and eager individuals to join our team who possess a strong drive to grow both personally and professionally.

If you thrive working in a diverse, highly collaborative, customer centric culture and personally resonate with our meticulous pursuit of excellence, you will find a home with us at Miele.


What can Miele offer you?


At Miele, our commitment to excellence isn't just limited to our products and services, it extends out to our people. We are greatly invested in the development of exceptional careers and view each of our team members as intrinsically linked with our constant drive for improvement.

We will strive for better and evolve together at Miele.


Difficulty applying or have additional questions about a position? 


For further enquiries about one of our vacant positions or if you would like to submit an expression of interest, please feel free contact


At Miele, 'Forever Better' isn't just a standard we hold ourselves to, it's a promise we make to our employees your journey to becoming 'Forever Better' starts here.


We invite you to browse Miele Australia and New Zealand Opportunities.

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