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How to find the right laundry appliance

Looking to buy a new washing machine or dryer but don’t know where to start? Use our buying guide to find the washer or dryer that matches your specific needs and wishes, by simply running through a few questions.

By answering a few questions about your washer and dryer needs, our buying guide will know which laundry appliance is best suited for your specific needs.

• Which appliance’s capacity is a match with your household? We have a variety of tumble dryers, washing machines, and washer-dryer combinations ready to face any washing challenge, no matter the size.

• Which type of washer or dryer fits your home? Stacked, slotted in, built-under, or free-standing – we have models for every situation and type of location, ensuring using your laundry appliances doesn’t turn into a chore.

• Which features and specs are important for you? From wash cycle and energy rating to spin speed and max load, our washers and dryers come with a wide range of options. We can help you discover which appliance has was it takes to make doing your specific laundry a breeze.

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