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WA CC 1001 LCaps collection box, pack of 10

Caps: the perfect addition for special applications. Introductory pack.

$ 19.95**Details
WA CHM 1001 LCaps Home box, pack of 10

The perfect addition for special applications.

$ 19.95**Details
WA UC 2003 L USAUltraColor liquid detergent 2 l

For coloureds and black garments.

$ 24.95**Details
WA DF 252 LSpecial detergent for down 250 ml

Ideal for pillows, sleeping bags and high-quality down clothing.

$ 19.90**Details
WA SO 1502 LFabric conditioner 1.5 litres

Particularly suitable for towelling items.

$ 19.95**Details
WA WC 1502 LWoolCare detergent for delicates 1.5 l

For wool, silks and delicates.

$ 19.95**Details
WA UW 2502 PUltraWhite powder detergent 2.5 kg

for optimum results with white and colour-fast textiles.

$ 29.95**Details
WA UC 1803 PUltraColor powder detergent 1.8 kg

For coloureds and black garments.

$ 29.95**Details
WA SE 1803 PPowder det. for sensitive skin 1.8 kg

For optimum results on white and light coloured textiles.

$ 29.95**Details
WA CSOA 0901 LAqua caps

9-pack fabric softener for freshly scented laundry.

$ 14.95**Details
WA CWC 0901 LWoolCare caps

9-pack wool and delicates detergent.

$ 14.95**Details
WA CBO 0601 LBooster caps

6-pack maximum strength stain remover.

WA CDC 0601 LDownCare caps

6-pack special detergent for down filled garments.

$ 10.95**Details
WA CSP 0601 LSport caps

6-pack special detergent for synthetic fabrics.

$ 10.95**Details
WA UD 1501 LUltraDark 1.5 l

for black and dark textiles

$ 21.95**Details
WA CCR 0301 LCottonRepair caps

3-pack special detergent for cotton fabrics.

$ 22.95**Details
WA UP1 1401 L NAMiele UltraPhase 1

2-component detergent for whites and coloured items.

$ 26.95**Details
WA UP2 1401 L NAMiele UltraPhase 2

2-component detergent for whites and coloured items.

$ 26.95**Details
Set UltraPhaseMiele UltraPhase 1 and 2

Half-year supply of Miele detergents

$ 134.75**Details
*GST inclusive
**GST inclusive
**GST inclusive
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