Miele controls make cooking easy

Nothing should stand in the way of perfect cooking. That is why Miele cooktops are intuitive to operate and offer a variety of innovative features. Whether using SmartSelect or ComfortSelect, all operating systems on Miele cooktops make cooking an uncomplicated pleasure.
EasyControl Plus
Intuitive selection of any cooking zone using centrally located +/- controls. Particularly convenient: simple operation of cooking zones and the timer. 
Cooking zones are controlled with a central numerical keybank. Power levels and times can be selected directly, quickly and intuitively. Particularly convenient: setting the timer is extremely easy. 
DirectSelection Plus
This allows you to select power levels and times quickly and intuitively. Each individual cooking zone has its own back-lit numerical keybank display. The numerical display is not visible when switched off - for a minimalist, elegant appearance.
Touch display controls
The new FlexTouch induction hob is operated via an intuitive clear text display. Functions are selected by simply touching the display. 
Rotary controls
You can select power settings quickly and intuitively using electronic rotary controls. There is a separate control for each cooking zone, which is very easy to use. 
Images serve as examples to illustrate the product benefit. Actual feature may vary per model.