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Why steam cooking is so healthy.
Food prepared in the steam oven is a real feast for the senses. Above all the intense, pure flavours and the pleasant al dente consistency of the food will please you again and again. The principle of steam cooking is as simple as it is effective: food is gently enveloped in hot steam. The immediate exchange of heat ensures rapid cooking without the need for heating-up time. The food is not immersed in water and so retains flavour and vitamins, reducing the loss of nutrients. A steam oven with its gentle cooking method is particularly suitable for delicate foods such as tender vegetables and fish, but also for meat and potatoes. 
Steamed food contains more vitamins and minerals
The Miele steam oven can be used to cook fresh food exceptionally gently. You can taste the difference – and even measure it in a laboratory! Cooking with steam not only retains the intense, natural food flavours, but also preserves essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Scientific research endorses the obvious benefits of steam cooking compared to traditional cooking methods. Steam-cooked vegetables retain 50% more vitamins than those boiled in water. Steam cooking ensures the best possible food quality and contributes significantly to a vitamin-rich and healthy diet.
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