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The Ranges kitchen appliances perfectly complement one another in terms of form, materials and functionality. The Miele Ranges product family consists of Range Cookers, Range Tops and Range Hoods. These are available in 30 inch (76 cm), 36 inch (93 cm) and 48 inch (122 cm) widths. Discover perfection of the highest level.
Range Hood
For every Range Cooker and every Range Top we offer the perfectly suited cooker hood. You can choose between an elaborate wall cooker hood and an integrated cooker hood which can be perfectly integrated into your kitchen environment.
Range dishwasher fascia panel
Every Miele fully integrated dishwasher can be matched to the Range design using a Range design fascia panel.
Range cookers
Freestanding cooking appliances consisting of an oven and a hob. The oven is always electric, while the hob can be either gas or electric.
Images serve as examples to illustrate the product benefit. Actual feature may vary per model.