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GP GS KM 0011 M Scraper for cleaning
GP GS KM 0011 MScraper for cleaning

For ceramic glass cooktops.

$ 37.30**
GP GSB KM 0101 M Replacement blades, 10 units
GP GSB KM 0101 MReplacement blades, 10 units

For cleaning scraper.

1 ITEMS = 2.80 AUD
$ 28.00**
GP MI X 0011 W Multi-purpose microfibre cloth, qty 1
GP MI X 0011 WMulti-purpose microfibre cloth, qty 1

For best cleaning results and safe use.

$ 13.95**
8019263 Dosing sprayer for system descalers
8019263Dosing sprayer for system descalers

for dosing the system descaler for steam pressure ovens

$ 41.95**
GP CO G 160 P Care product DishClean, 160 g
GP CO G 160 PCare product DishClean, 160 g

Ensures optimum performance of the dishwasher

$ 21.05**
GP CL H 0502 L “OvenClean” oven cleaner, 500 ml
GP CL H 0502 L“OvenClean” oven cleaner, 500 ml

For best cleaning results and safe use.

$ 17.80**
GP CL DGC 251 L DGClean 250 ml
GP CL DGC 251 LDGClean 250 ml

for perfect cleaning results with combination steam ovens.

$ 21.50**
GP CL KM 0252 L Ceramic and stainless steel cleaner, 250 ml
GP CL KM 0252 LCeramic and stainless steel cleaner, 250 ml

For best cleaning results and safe use.

$ 14.60**
GP DC CX 0061 T Descaling tablets, 6 tablets
GP DC CX 0061 TDescaling tablets, 6 tablets

for coffee machine, steam oven, FashionMaster, oven/cooker with Moisture plus.

$ 32.30**
GP CL CX 0102 T Cleaning tablets, 10 tabs
GP CL CX 0102 TCleaning tablets, 10 tabs

For coffee machines, guarantees the highest level of coffee enjoyment

$ 32.30**
GP CL WG 252 P IntenseClean, 200 g
GP CL WG 252 PIntenseClean, 200 g

For hygienic cleanliness in dishwashers and washing machines

$ 17.80**
GP CC 001 C AutoCleaner
GP CC 001 CAutoCleaner

for the fully automatic cleaning of Miele coffee machines.

$ 91.75**
GP CA ST 0252 L SteelCare stainless steel care product, 250 ml
GP CA ST 0252 LSteelCare stainless steel care product, 250 ml

For a smooth, matt, clean stainless steel surface.

1 L = 58.40 AUD
$ 14.60**
GP DC 001 C Descaling cartridge
GP DC 001 CDescaling cartridge

for automatic descaling of Miele coffee machines.

$ 91.75**
GP CL MCX 0101 P Milk pipework cleaner, 100 sachets
GP CL MCX 0101 PMilk pipework cleaner, 100 sachets

For hygienically clean milk pipework in coffee machines

$ 64.70*
GP TDC 141 L TwinDos Care 
GP TDC 141 LTwinDos Care 

Cleaning agent for the TwinDos dispensing system

$ 29.15**
*GST inclusive
**GST inclusive
**GST inclusive
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