GP CL H 0502 L - “OvenClean” oven cleaner, 500 ml For best cleaning results and safe use.--NO_COLOR
  • For best cleaning results and safe use.--NO_COLOR

GP CL H 0502 L
“OvenClean” oven cleaner, 500 ml For best cleaning results and safe use.

  • Ultra-powerful grease cutting capacity without odour build-up
  • Effortless cleaning thanks to gel-like consistency
  • Also suitable for PerfectClean


    The exclusive PerfectClean finish prevents food from sticking and makes cleaning much easier
  • Short exposure time of 10 min. to max. 1 hour without warming up
  • Optimum care for many years of reliability

    Appliance care

    Miele household appliances are distinguished by their first-class quality, a high degree of functionality, and timeless design. Miele provides care products for the flawless care of your Miele appliances. These products are developed and tested in Miele laboratories in collaboration with selected manufacturers.

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GPCL H 0502 L

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**GST inclusive