Blended fabrics

Cotton becomes more sophisticated by blending it with viscose, and cashmere becomes more affordable by blending it with cotton. Mixed fabrics are traditionally blends of cotton with one or more synthetic fibres. Micro-fibre fabrics are also made from a combination of materials. Care should be taken in the choice of detergent for washing mixed fibre garments. The most delicate fibre in the fabric will determine the wash programme selected.

Washing: The patented Miele Automatic programme1) takes the guesswork out of choosing the right programme. Using sensor technology the machine is able to determine the size of the load electronically, and adjusts the programme parameters to suit the composition of the load, ensuring that even your mixed wash is given the perfect treatment.

Drying: Use Miele's Automatic programme for gentle drying.

Ironing: Micro fibres are always ironed at a temperature which is suited to the most sensitive fibre in the textile. A linen and viscose blend would, for example, be ironed at the temperature suited to viscose - a low temperature.