Cashmere is a very special quality wool. Which is collected annually from the underbelly of the cashmere goat. The annual global harvest is only about 5,000 tons. Cashmere is a very expensive and delicate textile. For this reason, special care must be taken when washing it.

Washing: Knitted items made of cashmere should be washed carefully at 30° C using a liquid detergent for woollens. This has a neutral to weak pH value, which prevents the swelling and felting of the fibres. Cashmere should not be left in the water for too long. Cashmere garments need a quick wash with as drum movement as possible. As detergent deposits destroy the delicate fibres of cashmere, it is essential to rinse it several times in cold water.
The structured surface of the patented1) Miele honeycomb drum with Miele's programme for hand-washable woollens ensures that your clothes are treated very gently.

Drying: The Miele tumble dryer Woollens Finish handcare programme will fluff up the fibres in woollen garments and give them back their bounce.

Extra tip: The WoolCare liquid detergent from Miele's CareCollection, with its fibre protection components against felting and its colour-protection formula for brilliant colours, ensures gentle cleaning and care.