Originally used for trousers for workers, today denim is available in the form of skirts, bags, shirts, jackets and numerous other items of clothing. This textile is made from cotton. Combining threads of different colours (usually white and blue) gives denim fabric its distinctive characteristic appearance of looking blue on one side and whitish on the other.

Washing: Denim should be washed at a maximum temperature of 60°C, and stretch denim at 30°C using a detergent which contains no optical brighteners. To avoid the white crease lines that can appear on denim after washing, turn garments inside out before washing them. Denim should be spun at a reduced spin speed only. To avoid the colour from denim running onto other light-coloured items, denim should be washed separately the first few times. Miele has developed a special Denim programme in which the wash rhythm, the water level and the spin cycle are all specifically designed for the fabric.
The result: Optimum wash results, very little creasing and gentle laundry care.

Drying: Miele tumble dryers also offer a special Denim programme. The temperature is carefully controlled to ensure that your favourite jeans fit like a glove afterwards.

Ironing: Denim does not need to be ironed. However, to achieve a perfect ironing result set the temperature to high and use lots of steam.