Down provides excellent warmth, it retains heats and is a superb insulator, which makes it an outstanding material for filling duvets, pillows, and outdoor jackets. Although eiderdown is the most expensive, there is no difference in the quality between it and other types of down. In order to retain their volume, items containing down need to be cleaned regularly.

Washing: Miele has developed a special Pillows and Duvet programme for washing pillows and duvets hygienically. The high temperature and extra water used on this programme are effective in the battle against dust mites and dust mite faeces.

Drying: Miele tumble dryers offer a Pillows and/or Large pillows programme. Designed to air and dry your pillows perfectly.

Extra tip: The Miele CareCollection “Down items” special-purpose detergent has been formulated to effectively clean and care for down-filled items such as jackets, sleeping bags and pillows.