Miele Kitchen Appliance Package Rebate (KAPR)

Save 5% on Kitchen Appliance Packages. Save $200 on Laundry Appliance Packages

Terms and Conditions apply. Effective 1 January 2015 - 30 April 2018.

Miele Kitchen Appliance Package Rebate

Save 5% on Kitchen Appliance Packages. Save $200 on Laundry Appliance Packages. To confirm your eligibility please read the Terms and Conditions below and click the "Online Rebate Form" link to submit your claim.


Terms and Conditions:

Effective 1 Jan 2015 - 30 April 2018

1. Please read the enclosed conditions carefully as they govern your entitlement, application and
the facilitation of the Miele Kitchen Appliance Package Rebate (“KAPR”). The enclosed conditions
should be read in conjunction with the Miele Terms and Conditions of Sale.

2. The cash-back rebate applies to eligible private retail buyers of ‘new’ Miele domestic kitchen
appliances and commodities. The offer explicitly excludes Miele laundry appliances, B-stock,
display stock, floor care, Miele Services (i.e. installation), project and commercial transactions
and Miele Professional appliances.

Eligibility criteria

I. Minimum purchase of any three (3) Miele kitchen appliances;
II. Minimum spend of $7,500 (inclusive of GST), and;
III. Purchases must be confirmed on the one (1) order receipt (excluding where Miele MasterCool
is included in which case two (2) order receipts with the same date will be accepted).

Eligibility requires compliance to and with all three (3) criteria.

3. Eligible claims must be submitted within six (6) months of the final invoice date. Unfortunately,
claims submitted outside of this period cannot be regarded as valid.

4. To make a claim, please complete the online claim registration form which can be located under
the promotions page on the Miele website. Australian customers, please visit www.miele.com.au New Zealand customers, please visit www.miele.co.nz

5. Miele reserves the right to verify and investigate all submitted claims, to make determinative
decisions in relation to the offer and to deny the payment of a claim on reasonable grounds.

6. Miele may refuse to accept return of an appliance(s) in the event that Miele has paid a rebate with
respect to the appliance(s) and the rebated amount is not returned to Miele (or proportion thereof).

7. The rebate will be paid by electronic funds transfer only (following validation) and verification that
the order has been fully paid and delivered.

8. Please allow for two (2) weeks processing time for payment. Claimants should not contact Miele
for payment within this period.

9. Tax implications may arise in respect of the rebate payment, independent taxation / financial
advice may be required.

10. By lodging a claim under this offer, the claimant excludes Miele from any liability for loss
or damage resulting from or arising in connection with the offer or redemption to the full extent
of the law.

11. Business associates, affiliates, Miele Agents (and their employees), Miele employees and their
immediate families are not eligible to participate.

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