Miele 10 star dryers

Introducing Miele’s Range of 10 Star Dryers*

Experience exceptional results with our range of 10 star heat pump dryers. Take advantage of Miele exclusive features such as the Eco Dry technology within all heat pump dryers, delivering 10 stars across a large portion of the range. View the range or discover more about Miele tumble dryers.

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Miele Honeycomb drum | 10 Star energy rating | Miele TCE 630 heat pump dryer

Unique Honeycomb Drum

Exclusive to Miele, the unique honeycomb structure gently lifts laundry higher in the rotating drum so garments hover for longer in the warm airstream, resulting in more uniform drying. Air pockets cushion the fall, ensuring greater care and fewer creases, making ironing easier.

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PerfectDry precision | 10 Star energy rating | Miele TCE 630 heat pump dryer

Perfect Dry Precision

With the patented PerfectDry system your laundry is dried thoroughly, even in hard water. Calcium in water can otherwise influence moisture sensing, impacting drying results. With PerfectDry, however, mineral sensors detect mineral levels and adjust the drying process for precise results.

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EcoDry technology | 10 Star energy rating | Miele TCE 630 heat pump dryer

EcoDry technology

With consistently low energy consumption and drying times, EcoDry guarantees savings for the life of your tumble dryer. The optimised filter and maintenance-free heat exchanger ensure lint will never clog the system to reduce performance.

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FragranceDos freshness | 10 Star energy rating | Miele TCE 630 heat pump dryer

FragranceDos Freshness

Now you can expect not just soft, but sweet-scented laundry too – just the way you like it. While drying, your choice of three unique fragrances gives your laundry a lasting perfume for up to 4 weeks. You can even adjust the fragrance intensity to create your signature scent.

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Achieving perfectly laundered textiles fast: the "Pre-ironing" programme smoothes your textiles before they leave the drum. 

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Care for your wallet, clothes and the environment

While having a dependable dryer is essential, fully utilising its features will transform your laundry experience and reduce the time spent ironing, folding, drying – and even improve the life of your clothes.

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