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the new M Touch display is simple to operate and self-explanatory. The appliances can be operated fast and intuitively by using touch controls or swiping the display. Many functions can be chosen at the touch of a fingertip. The central display with white text and symbols on a black background ensures perfect visibility of information. Where user prompts are required, information is presented in colour.

DirectSelect operation

The RangeCooker is equipped with smooth-motion rotary dials, allowing easy adjustment during cooking. The selected settings can be conveniently read on a brightly lit display. Durability, high resolution and a high-quality appearance characterise DirectSelect operation.
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HR 1936 G36 inch freestanding cooker

Dual fuel for excellent versatility.

        $ 22,999.00**Details
        *GST inclusive
        **GST inclusive
        **GST inclusive
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