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Patent: EP 1 293 594Patent: EP 2 431 516Patent pending: EP 2 532 779For this function to work, the tumble dryer and washing machine must be registered in the home network and/or in the app. 


This appliance is suitable for installation in a stack consisting of a washing machine and a tumble dryer. A washer-dryer stacking kit is required for safely connecting the two appliances.


The appliance can be installed side by side with a washing machine/tumble dryer.


Appliance can be inserted into a niche 85 cm high.

Can be built-under

The lid can be removed from the appliance and replaced with a building-under kit. As a result, the appliance can also be built into a niche of 82 cm.

Can be integrated

The appliance has been designed to be built-in. The look of the appliance can be adapted to the rest of your kitchen using a kitchen or Miele front.

T1 Chrome Edition

Classic appliance design with distinctive door ring. Available with straight or slanted fascia - versatile installation.

T1 White Edition

Fresh appliance design with dynamically bowed front and elegantly designed door. Ideal for stacking.

T Classic

Classic design with a choice of two fascia options: Straight fascia ideal for built-under installation; slanted fascia for side-by-side installation.


Miele@home allows you to network Miele household appliances. It provides you with a convenient way of controlling and monitoring each of your appliances specifically via a mobile device and the Miele@mobile app. 


The fitness programme: sportswear is ready to wear again in next to no time.


Gentle drying without loss of function: retains the functional properties of multi-layered membrane fabric.


Prevents creasing: reduces creasing and simplifies the ironing of shirts and blouses significantly.


Best possible effect: Thermally fixing ensures optimum water-repellent properties.


Airy and fluffy: Even big pillows become fluffy again – whether feather, down or synthetic filling

Gentle smoothing

Excellent smoothing effect: Damp as well as dry laundry is visibly smoother.


Buzzer sounds when laundry is dry: so your laundry does not have to be left longer than necessary in the drum.


Freshness for all the senses: with Miele you not only have very bouncy, but also beautifully fragrant laundry.
Patent: EP 2 431 516Patent: EP 2 431 516
Patent: EP 2 431 516


Less need for ironing: steam and heat smooth textiles while they are drying in the tumble dryer.


Information at a glance: energy consumption and fluff filter status displayed for long-term, low consumption.

Highest condensation efficiency

Best protection for room and furniture: 50% less moisture loss than required for condensation efficiency class A.


Always perfectly dried: PerfectDry detects the mineral content of the water and modifies the drying process.

Honeycomb drum*

Less creasing, easy ironing: the honeycomb structure allows laundry to be dried gently and evenly.
Patent: EP 1 293 594Patent: EP 1 293 594Patent: EP 1 293 594
Patent: EP 1 293 594

Integrated condensed water drainage*

Emptying not necessary: the condensation can be drained off via a hose directly into the sink or a U-tube.
Patent pending: EP 2 532 779Patent pending: EP 2 532 779
Patent pending: EP 2 532 779

Delay start and countdown indicator

According to schedule: You can start the programme whenever you want to fit in with your daily schedule.

LED drum lighting

Nothing can be overlooked: the honeycomb drum is illuminated. No item is left behind when unloading the machine.

Mixed items

Substantial savings: with this special purpose programme, you can dry various types of textiles together.

EcoDry technology

The filter system and the maintenance-free heat exchanger keep energy consumption and run time low.


Hand in hand: your tumble dryer automatically uses the same programme as your washing machine. 
For this function to work, the tumble dryer and washing machine must be registered in the home network and/or in the app. For this function to work, the tumble dryer and washing machine must be registered in the home network and/or in the app. 
For this function to work, the tumble dryer and washing machine must be registered in the home network and/or in the app. Patent: EP 1 293 594
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TDB130WP EcoT1 Classic heat-pump tumble dryer

1–7 kg capacity for high efficiency at an attractive entry-level price.

        $ 1,599.00**Details
        TWV680 WP PassionT1 Heat-pump tumble dryer

         The very economical Miele all-rounder that meets the highest expectations.

              $ 4,499.00**Details
              TWB140 WPT1 Heat-pump tumble dryer

              A++ for high efficiency at an attractive entry level price. 

                    $ 1,799.00**Details
                    TWD440 WP EcoSpeed&8kgT1 Heat-pump tumble dryer

                    A+++ and EcoSpeed for faster drying combined with maximum energy efficiency. 

                          $ 1,899.00**Details
                          TWJ660 WP Eco&9kgT1 Heat-pump tumble dryer

                          With 1–9 kg load and WiFiConn@ct for intelligent laundry care. 

                                $ 3,299.00**Details
                                TWR860 WP Eco&Steam&9kgT1 Heat-pump tumble dryer

                                with SteamFinish, 1–9 kg load and Miele@home for smart laundry care. 

                                      $ 3,999.00**Details
                                      TWF720 WP Eco&8kgT1 Heat-pump tumble dryer

                                      EcoDry technology for max. efficiency – for the life of your appliance.

                                            $ 2,499.00**Details
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                                            **GST inclusive
                                            **GST inclusive
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