Silk is a natural fibre obtained from unwinding silkworm cocoons. The hard-working silkworms spin the fine threads up to four kilometres in length. Silk is distinguished by a special shine, a high degree of fineness and its light weight. Thanks to its unmistakable softness and appearance, silk emanates a touch of luxury when close to the skin. Silk, for this reason, does require special care.

Washing: Miele has made hand washing silk a thing of the past. The Miele "Silks" programme ensures particularly gentle cleaning of all hand-washable, delicate textiles that do not contain any wool. The wash process is adapted perfectly to care for silk. In addition to this, the Miele honeycomb drum is especially easy on your laundry thanks to its honeycombed surface structure.

Drying: The "Silks handcare" programme in Miele tumble dryers airs the silk in a warm air flow and reduces formation of creases.

Ironing: Because the fibres are sensitive to high temperatures, silk should be ironed in a still slightly moist state at max. 2 points or with steam. An anti-stick sole provides additional protection against scorch marks.