Towelling is made using a special looping process. Washing:

Washing: Towelling is usually colourfast and can tolerate being washed at high temperatures. Some items should only be washed at 60°C. For the first two washes, towelling should be washed separately at 60°C to remove excess dye from the production process. Be aware that small loads of towelling can give off fluff.
Our recommendation: Wash new towelling in the largest possible load.

Drying: Towelling dried outside on a washing line feels hard and slightly rough to the touch. This can be avoided by using a tumble dryer. If using fabric conditioner, use it sparingly as it leaves a film on the fibres which will reduce their absorbency. Towels dried in a Miele tumble dryer with the patented honeycomb drum1) stay fluffy even without fabric conditioner, as a cushion of air inside the drum protects laundry during the drying process.